My understand of why nodejs

February 02, 2012

Thread per connection VS Event loop

more memory consumption thread blocked waiting for I/O operation

  • Q: So why not Event loop, callbacks, non-blocking I/O
  • A: cultural and infrastructural.
    1. cultural, we thought that the I/O should be blocking.
    2. infrastructural
      • single threaded event loops require I/O to be non-blocking, but most libraries are not.
      • too much options: EventMachine, Twisted
  • Q: Why javascript?
  • A: javascript has the following features:
    1. Anonymous functions, closures. – easy to create callback
    2. Only one callback at a time. – only one callback at a time
    3. I/O through DOM event callbacks –non-blocking
    4. promise: a promise is a kind of EventEmitter which emits either “success” or “error”. (But not both.)

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